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A very real and unapologetic female who doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. She will put hands on both male and female & she is trying to change as a person for the better but motherfuckers keep pissing her off.
Onesty: *checks urban dictionary for a word that’s not even her name and decides to search her name too*

Onesty: That’s funny that “Jayceiscool” or whatever the fuck it is posted something about my name a few days ago. It’s even funnier that I know someone named Jayce personally (coincidence? I think not) and if he thought that shit was funny, I can’t wait to see him in person. I’m not laughing little bitch. No exaggeration he is a little bitch.
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by IM JUST BEING HONEST May 18, 2019
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Lonely and without someone to call a friend. Always gets on your bad side when you don't talk about something they want to be talking about. They say they have friends but will reject you at any point.
Don't ask Onesty, she will make it the last thing you want to hear.
by SwiftyCreepa June 12, 2018
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She seems like a happy person but she goes home and cries her self to sleep every night and is a big attention seeker but somehow she still makes a good friend
Onesty is so nice and sweet!
by jAyCeeiScOOL May 13, 2019
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