To stand on something easy to kick away (like a chair or a collection of Leo Sayer records) To tie a length of twisted or braided fibers into a noose, tie the other end of the length of twisted or braided fibers to an elevated, fixed object (like a tree branch or your employer's bedroom chandelier) place said noose over one's head and around one's neck, tighten the knot (making sure there is sufficient limitation in the said length of twisted or braided fibers so that one's feet cannot touch the ground when object/objects stood upon are kicked away), kick away said object/objects and 'neck' oneself until expiration takes place.
To neck oneself. To kill oneself by hanging. "I'm so sick of these fucking Leo Sayer albums that my employer keeps lending me that I think I'll neck myself."
by kid headcase August 18, 2009
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"Dude, if you can't get a girl tonight just go home and nail oneself.
by The Impossible Kid February 28, 2008
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To top oneself is to commit suicide.
He's such a loser, he should do himself a favor and top himself.

Listening to Coldplay often leads one towards wanting to top oneself.
by dooglus October 2, 2007
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To kill yourself, typically by hanging. Made famous after Chester Bennington did it. Also known as the 'Ol Bennington.
Did you hear about so-and-so? I heard he Chester'd himself.

Robin Williams did the Ol' Bennington. That's right, Patch Adams Chester'd himself.

If the dishonor for one is too much to bear, thou shalt Chester Oneself.

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1. I've become so HUNG and now I am DEAD
2. I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, I filled my pants with splatters
3. Crawling up my neck, this noose it will not yield
4. I'm breaaaaaking my laryyyyynx tonight. I'm hanging from the waaallllllll, because I'm full of faullltttssss
by Dewwit! July 8, 2019
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To be past the anger, frustration, and emotional exhaustion of someone you care about that continually puts you in a negative state or feels entitled to your property. At this stage you no longer put up with it and have come to terms with the circumstances.
My sister only calls me when she needs something and her life choices are my fault according to her. I cannot continue to support her or deal with her drama. I have resolved myself resolve oneself.
by Taylor Rogue April 21, 2019
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