A total LTA currently consisting of the babe George Craig and the lofty lads Mark "Mittens" Hayton, Jack Sails, James Craig and Daniel "Pob" Parkin.

They hail from the grand land of Yorkshire and are very nice to vibe to.
Lad 1: One Night Only are having a concert soon. Should I go?
Lad 2: Go@.
Lad 1: Do you want to join us feeling the vibes?
Lad 2: Yhos mate.
Lad 1: LYB.
Lad 2: WAB.
by SAABMate May 3, 2011
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A "One Night Only" is a term for someone, usually a female, who agrees to perform in a strip club for "one night only". This usually indicates this will not be a regular occurrence, but sometimes it can be.
I just got my hair done and I feel sexy, I'm thinking about doing a one night only.
by Frostmatic May 26, 2018
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Indie rock band from the United Kingdom.

Members consist of:
George Craig (Lead Vocals), Mark Hayton (Lead Guitar), Daniel Parkin (Bass), Jack Sails (Keyboards) and James Craig (Drums).

Past members:
Sam Ford (Drums)

Their music video for the single "Say You Don't Want It" featured Emma Watson.

The single "Can You Feel It" is currently the song for Coca-Cola's 2011 campaign.
Person 1: What are you doing in London tonight?
Person 2: I'll probably go to One Night Only's gig.
Person 1: Awesome!
by colleeeeen April 16, 2011
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A punk band from North Yorkshire consisting of four teenagers from that area, namely:
George Craig - guitar + vocals
Mark Hayton - guitar + vocals
Daniel Parkin aka Pob - bass
Sam Ford aka old drum or cretin - drums.
One Night Only's website is www.freewebs.com/onenightonly
by A mysterious benefactor January 11, 2004
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A indie band from Yorkshire, UK.
Current members are George Craig -vocals & guitar - (also a Burberry model), James Craig -drums- , Daniel Pankin -keyboard-, Mark Hayton -guitar- and Jack Sails -bass-.
-Hey do you know the band One Night Only?
-The one with George Craig?
-YUS that one!
-Yeah! It's awesome.
by ono fan March 9, 2011
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A lofty band from Helmsly in the UK. The band consists of George Craig-Vocals/guitar, Mark Hayton-Guitar, Dan Parkin (aka Pob)-bass, Jack Sails-keyboard, and James Craig (brother of George)-drums. Former members include Kai Smith and Sam Ford(aka Gunner). They do weekly web episodes on YouTube called ONOWednesdays. The band is often abbreviated to ONO
Girl 1:did you see that band One Night Only last night
Girl 2: Yeah it was real lofty
by aloch April 20, 2011
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