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One Deags is a sentence to say in Counter Strike Global Offensive after you kill your enemy with a headshot using a Desert Eagle. This will annoy them. To annoy them more effectively, scream it on the mike this is risky because you have possible chance of getting kicked out.
"Ezy One Deags Kiddo!" Or "Ezy One Deags, blyat idi nahui"
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by Jake Yip February 27, 2017
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Getting a kill or getting killed by headshot from the Desert Eagle .50AE pistol, which has its place in the Counter-Strike series (popularized by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), as it inflicts enough damage in one bullet on a headshot to kill you or another person (249 damage points without armor, 232 damage points with armor, and a character has 100 health, so it deals more than enough damage). This feat take a great amount of skill, and can feel very rewarding when you pull it off.
I just one-deaged that guy from across the map!
Well, he's probably pissed...
by TagAndFriends January 03, 2016
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