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A female. Misunderstood, not afraid to tell the truth. She's sweet unless you give her a reason not to be, can be a bitch.

Gorgous women with a beautiful smile, wonderful ass. Crazy sex drive with major sex appeal This girl is bomb as fuck. She know's how to get down and dirty. Flirt. She's loved and hated by many. Girls hate her, boys just can't seem to get enough.
That girl "Ondrea" can be a bitch, but she sure knows how to get me going.
by jakeray May 07, 2011
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A person, particularly a girl; who doesn't understand what trust, loyalty, honesty, or respect is. Last but not least, can never hold a relationship.

...*this should be in fine, small print* an 'ondrea' is usually skinny with curly brown hair, maybe unattractive blonde highlights.

Stay Away.
You see, you're an idiot for dating her. She's an ondrea for god's sake. She doesn't deserve the light of day.
by repsagekoorb March 21, 2010
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