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1.) A cloud computing project announced at the GDC 2009, OnLive is essentially gaming - streamed. Allegedly you get no noticeable framerate (fps) issues or lag when playing Crysis on mother's computer (you know, the one with terrible resolution...) so long as an OnLive server is available, internet connection (1.5 mbps for SD and 4.5 for HD), functioning video card (called graphics card in the world of gaming), a monthly fee of 14.95 USD and finally a rental fee for games (some games might be for keeps). If OnLive his isn't another Steam there will be no rational use for your $8,000 computer with a liquid nitrogen colling system, Steam will evaporate and then Valve will be forced to conclude their Half-Life series for revenue.

MicroConsoles - are being planned for consumers who have access to the internet yet don't have a suitable computer, they require any modern television and (might require) mouse and keyboard.

2) Alternatively if OnLive does not live to the premarket hype this is how the service can turn out. - You send a data packet from your micro console/browser to the OnLive headquarters. When received your command is rendered by a remote server then compressed to shit youtube quality for you convenience while being fined 15 dollars a month on top of rental fees.
OnLive - noun. verb.

As Randy gazed at the box in the mail a semi circle smile adorned his face as he shouted enthusiastically "Oh boy Cletus! now we can enjoy crysis on this MiacroConsole!" to which Cletus replied "Well nail my soles and blow me down, It looks like we got somthin' better to do than clean the manure out of our pastures this week Eh!?"... Bitter silence then filled the ramshackle home as Randy discovered that he needed strong internet to play and rent games OnLive.

2 - As a Chinese man once said, " Man who drop watch in toilet bound to have shitty time."; so basically choose wisely in what you invest in and be weary or balls-deep investments as they soon may haunt you.
by wratsenth April 18, 2010
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Dude number 1: Are you out of school today?
Dude number 2: Yeah, bro. We got snowed out.
Dude number 1: Why the hell aren't you onlive?
by FartonAmidget January 26, 2011
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