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When you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are on and off . Y'all have been thru so much , arguments, lying, heartbreak, personal issues and one day y'all not speaking to each other and then 2 days later y'all are all flirtatious and kissey face again. Everybody knows that you two love eachother .. Y'all break up one day and back together the next
Friend : You and so and so still together?
Girl : Idk
Other Friend : They on and off all the time
Friend : Knowing y'all gonna be all on eachother in no time
Girl : I love him but he's too much. We just have a on and off relationship
by yohoewce May 23, 2015
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two people who talk one day then dont another. they stop talking then immediately go back to talking
taylor and moses have an on and off relationship
by mollynpercosets April 08, 2017
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