When you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are on and off . Y'all have been thru so much , arguments, lying, heartbreak, personal issues and one day y'all not speaking to each other and then 2 days later y'all are all flirtatious and kissey face again. Everybody knows that you two love eachother .. Y'all break up one day and back together the next
Friend : You and so and so still together?
Girl : Idk
Other Friend : They on and off all the time
Friend : Knowing y'all gonna be all on eachother in no time
Girl : I love him but he's too much. We just have a on and off relationship
by yohoewce May 21, 2015
two people who talk one day then dont another. they stop talking then immediately go back to talking
taylor and moses have an on and off relationship
by mollynpercosets April 9, 2017
off-brand relationship: by definition, is a dating relationship that contains the same ingredients of a normal relationship but without the label. These "ingredients" can contain some if not all of these characteristics:

see and talk to each other daily, holding hands, cuddling, frequent text messages and phone conversations, jealousy of a member of the opposite sex (levels of jealousy different in degrees of psychosis of the individual), constant denial of "anything going on" and constant reminders that "we are just friends." There are also various levels of physical interaction that occur that range from kissing all the way to intercourse. If you or another are suffering from any or all of these symptoms, you may be involved in an off-brand relationship and may be in dire need of making it official or officially ending it;however, this would result in an off-brand breakup (see off-brand break up for more detail).
For example: you may know of someone who talks regularly with another person, they frequently see each other, they might go out from time to time, cuddle, hold hands, text and talk on the phone daily...even have fits of drama that seem pointless. they also may get physical from time to time (this tends to depend on the amount of time they've "been together.") Neither of them wants to admit that they're dating. this is different from such things as friends with benefits, because in this situation, each person has feelings for the other or it might just be that one person (more than likely from the male party) desires the benefits of a relationship; however, still is free from the burdens of a relationship. As for the female, she may desire to be with someone and although she has not met the right individual, she feels the need to at least have someone by her side;however, the truth is she refuses to admit that she really has feelings for this guy and she consistenly denies that there is "anything going on."

you may know of someone in an off-brand relationship, it happens all over the world. It may be happening to you! my suggestion, label it or end it. (see off-brand breakup for more details)
by psych counselor August 6, 2011
An on-again, off-again relationship (otherwise known as an on-off relationship, on and off relationship, or similar) is a form of personal relationship between two people. They may wish to keep an ongoing formal relationship, but have difficulty doing so because of continuous conflicts.
by blue shark 2323 November 3, 2017