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At risk. In peril.
Most often used to describe someone or something that may be cut from scope or removed from the group.
"We need 5 people for the team. We have already chosen 4 and so the remaining 6 of the applicants are on the bubble."
by Missy S April 03, 2006
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When an ultimate beastmaster is on the verge of birthing an astonishingly massive, football sized turd, but they haven't yet found a public restroom to devastate, so they need to use all of their skill and power to avoid unleashing that beast prematurely.
Look at that ultimate beastmaster crab-walking towards the coffee shop, he must be on the bubble.
by Gorblath March 05, 2017
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When your fucking a girl (or masturbating, whichever one piques your fancy) and you get a phone call right before you cum, thereby disrupting your "flow".
(Cell phone rings).
Kevin: "Hello? Dude, I'm on the bubble!! I'll call you back in 5 minutes!"
by bigtones March 30, 2005
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