A term used to take the place of on jesus or on god. Steve is Steve, don’t ask who he is.
Peter: Yo who’s steve bro?
Theo: On steve this dude trippin, Steve is Steve.
by WifeyBeThiccy October 19, 2021
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A wonderful loving man who makes you smile. A best friend and lover in one. Sometimes harsh but always knows what to say and how to say it. He inspires loyalty and devotion from those around him. The man who others rely on but at times he will need someone to rely on and when he does he always turns to the same person. A man of honor, strength and dignity. A soul mate and trusted friend. Once he claims your heart, you will never stop loving him.
yeah that's my best friend Steve.
by intheshadowsiwait September 29, 2011
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1. Best guy in the world
2. Sweet, cute, smart, nice, talented, amazing, K o G
3. One who knows how to make others smile
I feel like the luckiest person alive, because I have a Steve by my side.
by dfnsdf kjdnfj July 8, 2011
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What you say to someone when they are good at what they do, but not as good as the best.
by Phylomatic October 16, 2006
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A Stevee is a stunning girl with beautiful eyes and a smile that lights up the room. She's a lot of fun to be with and has big ass & big boobs. Usually a brunette who is very bright. She is a blonde. All the time. She knows how to have fun at all the right times. She's an amazing friend who will do anything for her friends. She's a very flirty person who can be a big tease sometimes. She's very sexy & seductive when it comes to guys. She can be intimidating but over all a great friend to have.
Guy: Hey look at her!
Guy 2: Who is that??
Guy 3: I want to get in her pants.
Guy 4: That's Stevee. My Girlfriend. Back Off.
by Sam_Jacksonn January 20, 2011
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A guy who is loved by everyone, especially his girlfriend. He's funny, smart and has the cutest smile. His eyes draw you in and his touch makes you melt. Kissing him is addicting and loving him is easy. He'll make you feel safe and comfortable because he cares about your happiness over his. He can go from sweet to aggresive sexually in .5 seconds. He knows exactly what to do and say. Everything he does he's good at. He's very personable and can hold a conversation with a perfect stranger about anything. His car is his baby. He's adorable and he knows it, with his eyes, smile and his muscley arms and tattoos. He's everything a girl could want.
Steve is a cat
by kmb_stn August 13, 2011
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