Most commonly found in the Northeastern section of the United States where pronouncing the letter "R" is optional in most cases, "On Mars" or as it is commonly said "on Mahs" is a term to describe incredible hunger. The New Englander will often say "I'm starvin' like Marvin the Martian".

"Marvin the Martian" is of course a reference to the Looney Toon character.

As you can imagine, this quickly develops into somebody asking "What are you, on Mars?"

So, to cut out the middle man, one can simply declare their state of hunger by declaring that they are "ON MAHS" and need to eat immediately.
-"Guy, I'm on Mars"

-"Me too man, we should Ring the Bell

(Ringing the Bell refers to eating a Taco Bell, but that is a different story).
by KingLimpington March 27, 2010
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An otaku's nickname for the final boss of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and No 11. in Organization XIII.
Luxord: I swear, No. 14 is only second to my excessive amount of piercings.
Larxene: She also has my feminine charm.
Xaldin: She better not have some really obscure element like Zexion's illusion.
Zexion: Hey at least it's not as gay as Mar Mar and his flowers.
Marluxia: Don't Fucking Call Me Mar Mar!
by DoodooMan October 30, 2007
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a deep sea fish that lives in the tropics of zimbabwe.
"Dude, that mar mar thinks shes a mermaid!"
by ashkon January 15, 2007
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Basically, mar mar is used to describe someone who is having a bit of a strop or being mardy about something.
Jack didn't get his own way so he had a mar mar.
by le char September 15, 2013
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A small frizzy haired woman.
Whose thirsty for Bridget Reagan.
Yeah she's cute but you got no chance she's a mar mar.
by Daflad September 08, 2019
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a real life blessing, the equivalent to an angel. usually has a heart of gold and cares about everyone. a whole lesbian. typically non-binary. has a huge crush on saoirse ronan and an obsession with bees.
person: did you know honey is dating mar???

person 2: no but mar is an angel, they saved my life.
by ophicleide October 19, 2019
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