A portmanteau of omnipotent and impotent meaning completely and utterly useless. Not of any value or function.
1:"Hey, can you take out the trash?"
2:"I'm playing Call of Duty right now"
1: "God you're omnimpotent!"
2:"Don't you mean omnipotent?"
1:"No I meant omnimpotent, because you're all around fucking useless!"
by Xanzibar22 June 23, 2016
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One who believes he is all powerful, but in fact, turns everything he touches to shit. Which is a superpower of sorts...just not the sort he imagines.
Friend 1: I think my boss is omnimpotent.
Friend 2: Oh, he's just a minor idiot. Nothing serious.
Friend 1: No, seriously. He's the absolute worst.
Friend 2: Compared to Donald Trump?
Friend 1: Point taken.
by ugly stepsister April 04, 2018
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