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A person who is very loyal and caring person,bt some time his this behavior hurts people,omkar is the funniest and energetic person in the universe, Omkar is so loyal to his loveones, omkar is smart and intelligent too, he makes his/her friends feel secure, and his dark side is he he gets angry easily ,his problem is his anger, Bt he cannot control ,this type of persons are like Romeo and moody, Omkar is the world of someone, and he will keep all friends happy,
Omkar is gentle to all
by Vaishanavi vaghmare August 31, 2018
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Someone who is truly fantastic and very funny. He will have lots of friends and is generally entertaining to be around. Omkars are also very smart.
That omkar over there really has lots of friends!
by )))))::::(((((( April 09, 2010
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Omkar is someone who believe in true love but unsuccessful,he is smart,cute and full of energy.He is also cheated once and he is not able to forget his past.He takes first step to do any task...
Friend: forget her!
Omkar:I can't she is my life!
by Pappya July 07, 2019
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Omkar is a smart yet dumb, LOUD young fella who usually has a sister name Shamyra. The name "Omkar" means uncultured swine
For example: "Shut up Omkar you're sooo loud!"
by Shangela April 11, 2019
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Omkar is extremely nerdy, geeky, non-athletic and cares for alot of people. An Omkar will go to great heights to defend the people who are loosing in a situation- illogically. He tries hard to help people and is responsible- but is also too loud, clumsy and sometimes too ethical
Why is Omkar defending that looser so much??
by B99TGPAOS January 25, 2020
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