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Omar is a great person. He is one of the strongest people you will meet. He is very joyful and kind at heart. But has a dark humor and would be a great boyfriend. He is not afraid to get into a fight, and you better believe he will knock u out. He is very sweet and trustworthy. He will always be there for you. He also loves hugs and his friends. He will bring your life joy and light. Don’t lose an Omar because he is one of a kind. He also wants people to be happy even if it means he isn’t. He can live a bad life but never show it. He may seem weak but he isn’t. He also can be a great boyfriend.
by Sarah Younis November 23, 2018
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Omars are amazing people.

They are the strongest people you can ever meet. Even though they are strong they are peaceful. They have a kind heart full of joy. They were born to be leaders and are not afraid to step up and take a challenge. Everyone loves omars. You can never replace one because he is unique in many different ways. If you are friends with an Omar he will bring you nothing but rewards. They are very noble. But if you mess with an omar you are going to regret it. They are not afraid to get into a fight. They are just so epic and awesome
That man is such an omar.
by #omar December 19, 2014
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Omar is the type of guy u would want as ur friend. He is nice and caring but also can be tough and dense. He is strong and wise but never shows it. If someone messes with him, u can bet ur ass that he will beat the shit out of them. But he’s also the type of person to be hurt on the inside and not tell anyone about it(only the people he trusts and that have been through stuff like him). So if u know an Omar make sure u keep him close to u.
Hey Omar, can u help me with the people that are bullying?
by Sarah Younis November 12, 2017
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a really handsome curly haired guy who is very chill and cool and fun to hangout with. he may seem very annoying or mean at first but once you get to know him he is a very nice and trustworthy guy. most girls love him for the size of his cock or maybe for his personality. some people say that omar is an excellent cook and he could be a great chef one day
omar doesn't date many girls because he is waiting for his one and only.

omar also likes food and sleeping and music
by that.guy.1234 January 17, 2018
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A Omar is the greatest person to ever touch the Earth. This Omar will take your bitch with ease and yo mama too. A Omar holds all the power and is respected by all. The only comparison to an Omar is Jesus himself. Omar is a winner and never loses, even if he appears to. Omar is a household name that everyone knows and looks up to. Omar is intimidating and will have someone killed if he pleases. Omar can be a rapper, athlete, and doctor at the same time. Omar is not only book smart, but also street smart and actually still Pimps.
Dude is that Omar?? Holy shit my life is complete!!
by THE_TRUTH01 January 23, 2018
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Someone who is sweet, loving and kind. The best guy to have as your boyfriend because he treats you so well and knows how to take care of you. Makes friends with your friends and isn't afraid to show how much he cares for you. Will pretty much do anything for your attention. Also handsome, charming and outgoing. Enjoys sports and has a great body.

Many girls are attracted to him but when he finds the one, nothing else matters not even the hottest girl he mets, if it's not "her."

This guy will always make you smile and has the best personality.

This is Omar.
This boy is amazing, he's such an Omar.

Wow, I would love to be with Omar.

If only I could find my Omar...
by Hugsworthy June 27, 2011
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