such a sexy beast that can beat guys driving old nissan sedans, he is pretty chill and is makin bank.
damn salman cant match up to omar.
by Mustangisbetterthennissan October 07, 2011
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My Definition of Omar(a.k.a Me)is Smart,Funny,Kind when he wants and is very weird.It is hard for him to find friends so tries his hard to keep the one he has.
Lol OmarπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
by Me name is Omar January 03, 2018
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Really kind and sweeeeet amazing boyfriend and a has a giant dick almost towering
by aavvx April 27, 2018
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the hottest guy you will ever meet if you find one don't let him go he will make you feel like the most important thing in the world he smiles is the most adorable thing ever. he can be mean at some points but he'll get over it and has a type of guy that has that one girl he cares about he usually has the brown medium length of hair, brown eyes tall like about 5'3 or taller he's skinny love's to be active and has that one best friend in the world that will never let him down and his best friend will help him in a relationship. and if you ever get to date an Omar give him a kiss on the 1st or 2nd week cause then he will want to last wit you ( IF HE REALLY LOVES YOU ) and be happy you have an Omar in your life cause he's the best thing that's ever happened to my life.
by Jasmine Delgado December 07, 2017
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The hottest man you could ever meet plays football pretty popular and will beat the shit out of you if you mess with him funny nice but serious when he needs to possibly one of the best men ever
Your such an omar
by younjdejjdnds March 03, 2019
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