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OlivyaOlivyaOlivya, I dont even know where to start with this girl besides stating the obvious;She is a truly amazing person and my best friend. Neither of us really remember exactly how we became best friends but I consider it to be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me because this girl is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Olivya and I can be soo alike but also quite different which is good because I would probably get bored if we were the exact same. She is soo smart and looks at things in a different way then most people. Olivya is different from all of the other people in my life because she isn't afraid to show people who she really is. She always knows how to make somebody feel better therefore I always go to her when I'm upset. She gets me to focus on the good things and makes me smile from ear to ear. We have the greatest adventures even if we are just texting and we have made memories that I will never ever forget. I love this girl with all of my heart, and if you were smart you would get to know her because there is an 100% chance you will love her too. :)
Olivya is my bestfriend.
by hayweeeeee May 15, 2009
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A sweet girl who is beautiful on the inside and out, she cares about everyone and everything she would do anything to help someone,I've known her for 3 years I m and there is absolutely no doubt that she is me bestest friend in the entire world she's super funny and smart she is a truly amazing person and if you ever get a chance to become friends with an olivya take It you will not regret it.
I'm so glad I'm friends with an olivya
by Jmurray529 February 04, 2017
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