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1. The noise people make when meditating

2. Oxygen Lovers Have Major Swimsuits

3. That thing Malik does.

4. Oprah's underground Book Club.

5. The food brand that is commonly known for Crispy Hexagons.
1. Sally: OLHMS

Jake: Stop meditating while your driving!

2. Oprah: Ok, today on my show, were talking about OLHMS!!!!!!! (Applause)

BonQuiQui: Girl, I don't need no OLHMS. Rude.

3. Malik: Dude, watch me olhms


4. Rose: Well, today were reading Juno Diaz..... Scandalousness!

Hazel: ooooh sooky sooky

5. Darla: I love to buy the Olhms brand of cereal because they have the best cereal in the world

Wayne: What cereal?

Darla: Why, Crispy Hexagons, of course!
by SayWhat...? May 04, 2011
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