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A small town in southern western new york that is a total fucking shit hole. The town is full of wellies, druggies, drunkies, idiots, fat slobs, rednecks, trash, people with low intelligence, snobby bitches that have no reason to be snobs because the comparison is way the fuck off and disturbingly pathetic. If you do not leave after college, you will stay there forever, but most are brainwashed and trapped into thinking its great. There is no culture or abundance of intellectual stimulation what so ever. It is a mindless way of experiencing life where the majority of people talk about pointless shit and drama that causes you to be distracted from the important issues and happenings in the world. It is a town for mindless fools and is grungy as fuck and half the town is built on a large old dump that used to be used for industry. Never coming back.
Going to Olean NY? Time to talk shit about other people for no reason and get trashed for fun because there's no other point in living.
by cherry890 June 10, 2012
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Noun: A dying, dead, city in the south western part of New York, where there just happens to be a very good Chinese Restaurant. Most Anglo-Saxon, white, people in Olean are related to one another in some way,incest, typically by blood, just a few by marriage. Olean girls begin taking drugs at 12 preteen, and become pregnant by 14, slut,. Sadly, many residents of Olean have Cancer, because of what was at one time heavy industry. The hang out for most is the Wal-Mart store! Eventually, the city will be over run with people collecting welfare. Most Olean people have fooled themselves into thinking they live in paradise. They are born, live and die there.
Dude, you live in Olean NY?
Whoa you go to St. Bonnie? Do you take it in the butt?
by chris50M January 09, 2006
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A town in Western New York that sucks. It is full of crack heads, sluts, pill junkies, child touchers, meth heads, liars, alcoholics and old people. People in Olean tend to think that they live in a great town when the truth is the town completly sucks ass. The hang out late at night is Perkins and you can also hang out at Wal Mart. If you live in Olean you live within five minutes of a bar. You can walk from bar to bar yet people are dumb enough to drive. There is a abundence of sluts in Olean so getting laid is no problem. People in Olean tend to lie to people they have no life so they want you to think they do. These same people will also steal from you as they are most likely a junkie of some sort.
Dude your from Olean NY? How long have you been out of rehab?

So i see your from Olean NY.....Guess that means we will be having sex tonight.

Olean NY huh? Got any drugs i can buy from you?
by tat2dmike February 07, 2009
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A City in South Western NY that contrary to popular belief, is a very nice area with great people. There is stuff to do if you look around, problem is people don't want to try other things. There are some ghetto areas, but what area doesn't have them? It is a very nice town.
Yeah I am from Olean NY, and I love it. Stand Down.

Olean NY is very beautiful, and full of talent.
by Sabresfan1616 December 15, 2011
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