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A small town in southern western new york that is a total fucking shit hole. The town is full of wellies, druggies, drunkies, idiots, fat slobs, rednecks, trash, people with low intelligence, snobby bitches that have no reason to be snobs because the comparison is way the fuck off and disturbingly pathetic. If you do not leave after college, you will stay there forever, but most are brainwashed and trapped into thinking its great. There is no culture or abundance of intellectual stimulation what so ever. It is a mindless way of experiencing life where the majority of people talk about pointless shit and drama that causes you to be distracted from the important issues and happenings in the world. It is a town for mindless fools and is grungy as fuck and half the town is built on a large old dump that used to be used for industry. Never coming back.
Going to Olean NY? Time to talk shit about other people for no reason and get trashed for fun because there's no other point in living.
by cherry890 June 10, 2012

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