A character on the British comedy show, "The Mighty Boosh". He appears in the episode "The Legend of Old Gregg", and lives in a cavern at the bottom of Black Lake along with The Sea Funk His creepy, disconcerting style is reminiscent of Hobbs. He also has a mangina.
"Do ya want some Bailey's?" - Old Gregg
by grep-top March 2, 2006
A scaly man fish from The Mighty Boosh season 2. He lives in Black Lake, and shows people his mangina.

He likes to drink Baileys from a shoe.
"I'm Old Gregg"

"Some say he's half man half fish, others say he's more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he's a fishy bastard"
by Vince_Noir April 17, 2008
A girl who falls in love with guys too quick. She is usually in love with them after the first date or sometimes even before. She constantly asks "Do you love me?" or "Do you think you could ever love me?" She has a nasty downstairs mixup.
"She asked him if he loved her and they've only been on one date."
"I heard she farted right in front of him."
"She's Old Gregg."
by alabamafan4ever December 30, 2011
A scaly man fish. He's in The Mighty Boosh, Series 2, episode title "The Legend of Old Gregg". Has a mangina. Drinks excessive amounts of Baileys - from a shoe. Likes clubs where people wee on each other.
I'm Old Gregg
by thebee793 February 15, 2011
A merman from the best TV show ever- The Mighty Boosh.
Old Gregg loves Baileys and especially if it's from a shoe.
A lot of people fear him as he falls in love almost immediately with any unsuspecting fisherman, who pulls him up from Black Lake.
Old Gregg is green and has seaweed for hair. One of his most noticeable features, is his pink tutu.
Old Gregg also has a mangina that shines light out of it.

Gregg also used to have The Funk, until Howard Moon took it away because he was shit at jazz.

(the funk is essentially a funky ball of tits from outer space. You can milk the funk and it will produce a kind of black liquid that if you drink, will make you immediately a musical genius)
Gregg does watercolours which he's very proud of.
Gregg is played by the one and only Noel Fielding (one of my favourite people)
Howard- 'oh dear, look Gregg, I don't know you'
Old Gregg- 'oh ya know me, ya seen my downstairs mix-up!'
Howard- 'yeah, i didn't ask to see that did I?'
Old Gregg- 'what did it mean to ya to see that? did it mean you love me?
Howard- 'no it didn't!'
Old Gregg- 'could ya learn to love me?'
Howard- 'no i couldn't! i don't love you!'
Old Gregg- 'ya do love me'
Howard- No i don't!'
Old Gregg- 'ya do love me'
Howard- 'no i don't!'
Old Gregg- 'ya love me, and ya see me and ya know me, I'M OLD GREGG!'
Howard- 'yeah i know you are, you've told me 89 times now!
by Vince Noir & Shrimp Eyes February 13, 2021
A scaly man fish who has a blinding mangina that makes you feel tingly. He also loves drinking Baileys from shoes! He also loves a British man by the name of Howard Moon, whom he met by getting fished out of the water during the boat times.
by Adolf Hitler 15o1 November 13, 2020