1. Someone who has been in the scene before you or your group.

2. Someone who is still in the scene beyond the 'acceptable' or expected age.

Often form cliques of their own and try and school youngin's on how things used to be back in their day. A scene-specific 'senior citizen,' for all intents and purposes, in activities that would kill normal seniors citizens (drug/club/rave scene).
Dude, I just bought some weed off of some 40 something down on the dance floor!
Yeah I know that guy, he's an old head.
by DarkCarbunkle March 18, 2015
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There comes a time in a man's life, when the run has come to an end. The ride has slowed and it's time to get off.

An "Old Head" is the guy who doesn't want to get off the ride just yet and stays for another lap, but that lap isn't what he thought it was going to be. It's different, there are new people, new things and all the shit that was important then, has now changed. An Old Head still won't quit the game, even at this stage, even if he has to adjust to fit in. It's not as fun as it was, not as exciting and his clout slowly starts to fade to vapor and his name becomes a memory, like "you remember that dude..."

Once it reaches this stage, an Old Head has two options. Either get out like he should and hang up his boots, or he can stay and become "That Old Guy in the Club". If he stays and becomes The Old Guy In The Club, he is then no longer an Old Head.

While an Old Head might be hard to watch, or uncomfortable, it's not the most messed up thing in the world. Each of you will get there and each of you will laugh about it now, with no idea that you'll ever get there, but you will.

Sometimes an Old Head might need a kick in the butt for him to wake tf up and know it's time, but don't hate.

Part of history dies, each time an Old Head gets out da game.
It's rough bruh, seein' an Old Head like that.

by Yaddy June 22, 2018
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That one mo-fo who thinks he has some moral high ground just cause he’s old and about to die. To expand on that, he’s trying his best to run away from the grim reaper, but his pace is hastily coming to a decline as he is running in place. His feeble attempts to escape the inevitable only highlight his desperation. It's almost pitiful to witness how he clings to his delusions of superiority, unaware that age does not automatically grant wisdom or virtue.
BRO 1: ...Brooo that old head got way too comfortable kicking up his feet and eating TV dinners on the couch by the telly, he forgot he has kids to take care of and a wife to support.

BRO 2: Yeaaa, bro. As they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks... 😭
by justsayinyafookintwat August 3, 2023
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An old person who hates today's generation of rap music and thinks their generation of rap music is the best type of music to ever exist. They will constantly bash new generation rappers labeling them as mumble rappers and when you fight back saying "everyone has their own taste, what if I didn't like your generation" they get all defensive and lose their temper.
(Old Head walks up to a group of teens blasting Migos through their speakers)
Old Head: "Turn that shit off! Their lyrics make no sense and it hurts my ears!"
Teen 1: "Sorry, you old virgin, but kids like us actually get invited to parties."
Old Head: "In my day of hip-hop music, lyrics made sense! Goddammit, now we have gay mumble rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug wearing dresses and making godawful music!"
Teen 2: "Your parents probably hated your music while you were growing up, they were probably the type to say '2pac and Biggie are BAD role models!' or something. And bro, Uzi and Thugger got their own fashion statements. Once again, I bet when you were our age watching rap music videos your mom would be like: 'Why does everyone dress like a gangster? It's sick!'"
Teen 3: "Yo, calm down. We didn't wanna fuck you up for dissing Migos. Why so defensive? Besides, he didn't even diss 2pac and Biggie, he just said your parents probably didn't like them which was true. And 2pac and Biggie did not pave the way for our generation, Lil Wayne did. Let's bounce, I can't with these old heads."
by ChiefKeefFuckedYoMomma May 29, 2019
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Older person who has/still does smoke weed, usually comes from the 70's drug era. Uses odd terminology such as; grass or trees, loves smoking joints, and is a very odd to smoke with in general.
Yo Matt's dad is such an old head, he freaks me out when we smoke together.
by joeblowv1 April 23, 2010
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In NBA 2K, an older person who typically dresses there my player in a snapback, and is most commonly a slasher build.
This old head thinks he’s good SMH.
by NotCozlo June 6, 2019
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