Used when referring to a person with a nice body but looks old or ugly in the face. Or someone who looks older than they are.
That bitch is fine but she got a old head.

Mary is only 22; she just has an old head.
by KMama June 11, 2006
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The guys that can drink and smoke more than most buhls can. If one voms, he is demoted to "young buhl."
Jack: You wanna try to smoke with the old heads tonight?
Nolan: C'mon you know we both young buhls. There's no way they finna let us.
by Old Head Jake July 15, 2017
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Any prison inmate who is middle aged or older
"Ay you ain't about to mess with the old heads, you got another thing coming, boy!"
by Chain Furious May 15, 2020
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