An expression of disappointment. Usually used by little old ladies who were taught not to use foul language. The phrase is even more effective if you have an English or British-type of accent.
Little old lady in a DVD store: Do you happen to have any Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) movies that I could purchase?

Store Clerk: No, sorry ma'am, we are all sold out right now!

Little old lady: Well...dirty rotten old cream of wheat!
by WordFreak June 5, 2011
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What you say before your flush someone down a toilet.
Sid: You won't mind if I get the bubbles going will ya?
Roddy: Don't do this! I can't swim!
Sid: (Pulls handle) Bon voyage me old cream cracker!
by FlushedAway June 2, 2017
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A reference used when saying goodbye to your 'old cream cracker'.
"Ah, bon voyage, me old cream cracker!" Said Sid to Roddy.

"My old cream cracker! He is a spiffing chum!" Samuel said, patting Jonathan on the back.
by evillweevil December 17, 2017
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An alcoholic beverage consisting of one part Old Hopkings spiced gold rum or Captain Morgans with two parts Cream Soda.
Just had a Woody Woodpecker down the park time to relax with an Old Cream
by Meier's Massiv July 6, 2015
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