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British colloquialism:

An affectionate form of address, usually used in a greeting and almost universally said by a man to another man.
Ah good to see you (optional insertion of person's name) old bean. How are you?
by Douglas MacIntyre June 19, 2007
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Term of endearment used by men when addressing an old friend, emphasising that you are pleased to see him.
It is absolutely neutral, and if anything a bit fuzzy warm.
Very Wodehousian.
Good to see you again, old bean!
Best of luck, old bean!
Still married to that gorgeous blonde, old bean?
by the shonny May 18, 2009
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Old Bean is the clitoritis of an older lady, usually a pensioner.
Gladys enjoyed flicking her old bean
by shaky hand man October 04, 2010
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A noun that can describe anyone either in an amicable, ironic or downright derogatory meaning.
"That's right, old bean!" - Amicable.
"STFU, you old bean." - Derogatory.
by AKX September 19, 2005
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An Old Bean: A bean which has aged considerably since birth.
Used as a naming term for people when a posh english accent is put on by the addresser.
Good to see you, old bean.
Quit your jibber jabber, old bean!
by RowanDom June 02, 2010
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