Also know as Smokotoks in which we finally got a costco!!!! and all around the best town in alberta.
Let's go smoke some weed in smokotoks.
by okotoksab May 3, 2011
Okotoks is the hickest town in the 3rd hickest province in the best country in the world.
by Name? December 21, 2003
Garbage town in Alberta filled with coke heads and thots.
Hey want to go to okotoks? Naw I’d rather get jumped in Calgary than get jumped in this shit hole.
by Bigchonker September 11, 2021
Filled with big baby’s

And the worst school in okotoks

Lots of people have FAKE DEPRESSION
Kid 1 what school do you go to

Kid 2 Westmount school Okotoks

Kid 1 *walks away*
by Imakechesselol June 9, 2019
a school in okotoks filled with pot heads. also known as " oj "
kid1: hey wat school do u go to?
kid2: ecole okotoks junior high school
kid1: oh so ur a pot head
by 12345678907 May 25, 2012
When you puts a finger up your butt while stroking your meat. Named after Okotoks, is a small town in Canada
she gave me that okotoks stroke and poke
by boybrackin July 14, 2022