Something you say to communicate with a bomb threat to say okay.
Bomb Threat: GIVE ME $700,000!!!!!
Bank: Ok, boomer.
by DankedMeme September 22, 2020
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When a baby boomer says some dumb shit and you can't even begin to explain why he's wrong because that would be deconstructing decades of misinformation and ignorance so you just brush it off and say okay.
Boomer: Kids nowadays are so allergic back in my day we just ate bees and wiped our asses with poison ivy.
Non-boomer: Ok boomer
by lulaloops September 18, 2019
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R-Rick, the word Ok boomer is a simple way to tell old people to fuck off. Uhhhh after research, I located the source of the phrase “ok boomer” to be from C136 from user Bones3.0 on a platform instagram and twitter users youruserhere and...
STFU *burp* Morty, let’s go on a classic Rick and Morty adventure
Rick: *burp* mortyyyy when I was your age, television was called a book.
Morty: Ok boomer
by Rick and Morty November 9, 2019
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The new word that sheep have migrated to.

Regardless of age, these sheep will use Ok Boomer any chance they can.
21 year old: The economy is a disaster
Sheep: ok Boomer
by Psilonoid November 6, 2019
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Ok boomer is an easy way to diss Old shit heads. Bones3.0 being is creator of this amazing phrase has paved a way to help millions of people diss boomers when back then it wasn’t even possible.
Boomer: Saying Ok boomer is a hate crime, stop saying it or I’ll report you

JIM: Ok boomer
by Jesus•Christ November 18, 2019
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Generic reply to baby boomer style thinking.

The equivalent of "Wow, you're so horribly wrong, but I don't have the time or energy to repeatedly explain something to you that you're not going to listen to anyway."

Millennials tried for so long to explain using facts and evidence that they don't actually have it that easy and they aren't just lazy, but it became very clear that boomers don't care about facts, evidence, or reality for that matter. So this is what has resulted.
"If you just stopped eating avocado toast you'd be able to afford housing and healthcare in no time."

"Ok boomer."
by Apathetic Automaton November 4, 2019
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This internet slang that started originated from Instagram memer “bones3.0” is now The n word of the 21 century. This phrase is used to shut any boomers ass up. Especially when they say “back in my times”
Johnny: *watching memes *
Boomer: you kids are so lazy, back in my days I used to go outside and play with sticks.

Johnny: Ok boomer
by J Williams November 5, 2019
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