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Anyone with an association to one of the most respected academic and athletic universities in the world. Also, one of the oldest universities in the U.S., Thee Ohio State Buckeyes have won more national championships, bowl games, and conferance titles than most schools in the country. Home of 2 of the greatest coaches in college football history (Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel), Thee Ohio State Buckeyes are tied for most Heisman winners at 7 with Notre Dame. The only school to have a single player win the award twice. One of the most dominant athletic forces in the nation, especially during the 1st 10 years of the millenium in all departments. The Buckeyes are also one of the most hated on juggernauts in the U.S. due to pure talent and heart. In 2011 A witch hunt was held against Jim Tressel, 5 Buckeye football stars, and subsequently the rest of the school over a moronoic rule that players cannot sell awards that they earned for any reason. BOLLOCKS!!! Also the greatest fan base in the world cheer the Buckeyes. Oh, and the rival of the Michigan wolverines (A.K.A. cupcake university) who continue to be crushed at every meeting in the last 7 years straight. Not to mention about to take the lead in wins vs loses between the two rivals. Greates rivalry in sports. EVER!!
The Ohio State Buckeyes are studs that stomp out the team up north with no mercy.
by SIZZLLIN March 24, 2011
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sporting teams representing THE Ohio State University. these teams enjoy a rich and extremely devoted fan base who care not what 'those people up north' have to say about any rivalry because we know we're better anyway...
no better combo than Scarlet & Gray
by KovacsBKK April 24, 2005
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A gigantic urban school, whose students harbor an intense hatred of Michigan, particullarly where football is concerned. Michigan fans love to claim that they have an overall advantage in the series, but fail to realize that for about half of the rivalry, Ohio State was a tiny A&M college. In addition, Ohio State has one of the best teaching and veterinary schools in the US, and the 3rd best Political Science program in the world.
Why is Braylon Edwards crying like a little girl on the sidelines? Oh, that's right, it was because of the Ohio State Buckeyes.
by Go Bucks. March 13, 2005
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Ohio State Buckeys are the best college in the big ten, in football, basketball, hockey and many others. Many Michigan fans will tell you they suck, however that is only because they are bitter due to their extreme losses in the sport of football at the hands of Troy Smith and A.J. Hawk. To stray away from this fact they try to focus on Cleveland Ohio's professional teams such as the Cleveland Browns. But once again their just bitter because the Browns picked up Breylon Edwards the choke artist who cannot catch an 8 yard pass causing the Wolverines to once again lose to the Buckeyes. Michigan fans can say what they wish but the outcome will always end in a Buckeye victory.
Michigan fan: F the Ohio State Buckeyes we are going to own you guys this year
Ohio State fan: just like last year rite? and the year before that? and the year before that?
by Teddy Ginn April 18, 2006
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The school to attend if you want to receive a college degree while taking classes such as "AIDS Awareness" and "Basket Weaving". The university has also been known to hand out free money to its football and basketball players, which is highly against the NCAA rules. Just ask Maurice Clarrett and Troy Smith.
School Booster: Hey Maurice, want me to buy you a new car since you can't afford one with all your college tuition?
Maurice Clarrett: Sure dawg, but don't tell Coach Tressell.
by hexum January 19, 2005
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the worst football team to ever exist

a penn state fan
1- that football team sucked
2- it was probably the ohio state buckeyes
1- yeah how’d you know
2- it’s obvious
by cabinetbowls June 15, 2019
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A Big 10 team who prides themselves on being "better" than the Michigan Wolverines because of how many wins they have. Little do any of those cock sucking fans know, Michigan has more wins, a higher win percentage record, more national titles(except for Princeton and Yale) AND more bowl games than any other team (not just OSU) in the ENTIRE NCAA. Not to mention Michigan leads OSU 54 -43.
OSU Fan: LOL I'm gonna go on urbandictionary and point out how Michigan is going to lose to Ohio State Buckeyes!

Michigan Fan: Hey, you lost.

OSU Fan: anhero.
by Konvett January 08, 2012
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