The Literal meaning of Ohai is unclear, but Ohai means "place of the stone" and this name was in use for the area before the coal mining or town was established. It has been noted that Morley stream near the town was previously called Ohai It is likely that the area was originally named in relation to a Maori stone quarry that is nearby.
Ohai, It's a town you dick.
by ohailander January 25, 2012
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Top Definition
Another way of saying "Oh, hi."
Ohai Jill, howz it goin?
by Zachary B July 13, 2008
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The phrase is an intentionally misspelled "Oh hi" and is usually used as a title on cutesy pictures of animals like on lolcats.

The phrase is often followed by a short, badly spelled sentence as if the animal/subject in the picture is talking to the viewer.

O Hai may also refer to these types of cutsey animal images in general.
Picture of kitten in a stack of business reports.
"O Hai, i am bein yur nu secritary. Get me cofy."
by idunnoit August 18, 2007
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A greeting that has its origins in what is arguably the worst movie of all time: The Room (2003). This phrase is said about fifty times in the movie by various actors to various other actors, and very often at random, inappropriate times.
Johnny: I did not hit her, it's not true! It's bullshit! I did not hit her! I did NOT!! O hai, Mark.
by Leine-lu March 11, 2011
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a way of saying hello to a good friend, or a way to weird out an acquaintance.
Girl 1: "Hey Matt"
Matt: "OHAI"
Girl 1: "..."
by pretzelz January 22, 2011
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Ohai is a professional networking app that lets people meet professionals with similar backgrounds in real time. More:
I found that person on Ohai, and o'boy was I glad.
by WowWonderfulWords August 31, 2017
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small boring town in california bordering on a tiny luddite college on a hill

(correct spelling: ojai)
girl 1: the best part of my day is shovelling shit at work
girl 2: shouldn't going home be the best part of your day?
girl 1: no, I live in ohai
by share the harp is February 17, 2012
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