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A new conversational technique. Something you can say over and over again in response to a question.
Guy: So hows it going?
Other Guy: Oh Ah.

Another Guy: Did you see what happened today?
Other Guy: Oh Ah.
by S. Zuberman October 19, 2005
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The defintion of WHOA-OH-OH-AH-AH-AAAA-AH-HA-HA­!! is manlyhood, it is so manly a female would grow a penis and a chest full of hair
by Tezk April 7, 2011
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1.the moment that occurs when one questions themselves, Did I just say that, because I meant to just think it? 2. the moment one is lacking impulse control and wishes they were invisible.
Mark doesn't think you're ugly. He must have had an Ah-oh moment.
by pyra023 September 9, 2010
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in fact not three sounds put together to create a vynal scratching effect, but the noises made by anybody that thinks they will sneeze but never quite make it. The oh is a display of disapointment because not being able to sneeze sucks. With the oh usually being slightly more delayed
i think im gonna ... wa-ah-oh.
by prints January 3, 2008
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three sound which put together allow you to vocal scratch. different variations of the sound and order allow other words to be included for 'vocal scratching
wa-ah-oh -wa-ah-a-oh -wa-ah-a-oh -weh-wi-wicked
weh-wi-wicked-wo -weh-wi-wicked- weh-wi-wicked weh-wi-wicked-wo weh-wi-wo-yo
by s kol May 15, 2007
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Person a: I need something to drink

(british)Person b: Do you want a bo oh oh wa ah?
by Very important. October 14, 2021
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