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The cycle in a competitive bodybuilder's training year when their main objective is to acquire muscle through weight training and a relatively high calorie diet, without regard for fat and water accumulated in the process. Before 2000, this translated to a gain of 25-45lbs from the day after a show to their peak off season weight, before commencing the second cycle in their training year, namely the pre-contest stage. In recent years, most bodybuilders have attempted to keep their off season weight closer to their pre-contest weight, in order to minimize time spent doing cardiovascular training to lose fat and water retention, and more time training with weights to preserve precious muscle mass. The pre-contest cycle is oriented around gradual fat loss (generally 8-15 weeks out from a show) through calorie reduction and the introduction of cardio training in conjunction with weight training. Different types of steroids, fat burners, and other pharmaceutical aides are used in this period as opposed to the off season.
German bodybuilder Markus Ruhl's off season weight is well over 300lbs. But his contest weight is generally in the 275-280 range, to best showcase his impressive biceps and the detail in his upper back.

Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia winner, generally took 2-3 months off training after a major show. This would signal the onset of his off season, during which he let his body rest and discontinued dieting until the preparatory phase for the next contest.
by Joeyscock March 03, 2011
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time when everything is made, yet nothing happens
T: hey c nice hat
C: thanks, I picked it up in the offseason

Brown: yo u got any hot sauce
Downstairsians: yeah, picked it up in the offseason
by TP & C October 21, 2007
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a time of the year when ballers take their game to the next level. This is the best time to get ahead of the game, improve your skills and beat competition.
A: hey, what are you doing this summer?
B: training, it’s the biggest offseason ever
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by vava_e June 01, 2020
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