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The period of time following a break up from a relationship in which steady pussy was readily available. This refers to the need to begin jacking off again because the pussy one once cherished in their relationship is no longer available for every-day-use.

This is something one must prepare and train for prior to entering the said jack off season, much like spring training in baseball.
"Dude, I am about to break up with that cunt; I gotta start hitting the gym and working the forearms to start training for jack off season."

"That sucks!"
by MilkMan99 April 15, 2008
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Back Side Distortion Factor. The phenomenon occurs when you see a female from the back and she is stunning. This could be because of the way her hair is done; or, more likely, how nice here booty is. Then she turns around and she is not only a tad on the chuncky side, but has a face that would make the most hearty of men run in fear.
"Wow, check out that girl at your 12oclock. She is FINE!! I hope it's not BSDF."

*she turns around*

"O God, I'm gonna go puke!"

by MilkMan99 April 17, 2008
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Fear of Iraqis.
The gentleman behind the counter at 7-eleven, glared at me when I gave him a $20, for 79 cent item. Immediately my Iraqnophobia kicked in.
by Milkman99 October 23, 2014
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