The solution to every problem ever in the history of creation.
Works for lamps, television, and internet connection.
"The baby's dead."
"Did you try turning it Off and On?"
by Nathanaut November 19, 2016
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Used when your talking about something your over.
guy 1: Do you still watch animal porn?
guy 2: No, I'm off that.

guy 1: Yo man, you still banging that girl?
guy 2: I'm off that.
by Bread Maker August 24, 2009
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A now underrated gem of a (french) game that only true badasses will recognize.

OFF is known for its excellent music and unique setting that compliment each other that set it apart from not only other RPGs but games as well.

The game peaked in popularity after its English translation released in 2011.
Omg.. you know about Pepper Steak? Did you play OFF?

- I sure do love OFF.

- Yeah but did you manage to play HOME yet?
by phibe February 07, 2020
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Incorrect way of saying off (yet another American corruption of the English language).
I got off of the chair. <- Should be: I got off the chair.

Get off of me! <- Shoud be: Get off me!
by Dan Bishop May 01, 2005
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To be out, to leave. To depart. To quit, to stop. See "be out"
"Let's be off, this sucks."
"Be off my shit"
by Philkinson June 27, 2009
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