An Odar is identified as someone who is not Armenian. Odar can also be used as an insult towards someone who isn’t cultured.
Person 1: Axper jan( my dear brother), you guys down for some xorovats and some arax?
Person 2: let’s do it!
Person 3 : how about we just get some potato salad.

Person 3 is an odar
by Margarit August 5, 2021
Odar is the meaning for "Crazy Gopnik"
Russian1: " I feel so Odar"

Russian2: " No you don't even drink vodka"
by OdarGM March 25, 2018
Odare is a loyal and loving person.he does anything that comes to his mind and he don't give af.
"Nobody can be odare not even you that reading.
by Lavishdar November 23, 2021