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The Name of a fetish circling around women having any type of tentacle appendage in, around, and/or as their female reproductive organ.
Did you see Princess Clara, her Octopussoir was really making a scene when she approached that sweet respectable gentleman of humble origins.
by Hentai Scholar December 24, 2012
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An octopus soir is the state when a woman's vagina has tentacles coming out of it.
Also the term can be used for the sign when a teenage girl gets their period.

soir = "evening" in French
uh ohh it seems to me that Tarli is pissed again...

dont worry man shes just going through another octopus soir.

yes you go have another period when the french blow your head off

AHH that chick has an octopus soir!!

i heard there's much octopus soir in anime
by Seb_stan November 05, 2007
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