When a task is so complicated and involved that it would take as much planning and management as 11 guys robbing a high security casino vault. Exemplified by the plot for the Oceans 11 movie.
Student A: Dang! I Didn't finish that major project on time! I gotta figure out a way to get maximum credit on it.

Student B: Good luck man. That sounds like an Oceans Eleven.
by Kamikazi Kaz February 9, 2009
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The practice of parties of three or more pedestrians walking abreast on the sidewalks or in the hotels of Las Vegas, like the publicity shots of the Rat Pack for the movie of the same name.
"I would have been here sooner, but there was a group of six in front of me that was Ocean's Eleven all the way from Caesars!"
by Bazzito52 October 11, 2016
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When there are an unreasonably excessive amount of attractive people in any given situation. Stemming from the 2001 motion picture starring Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney, among others.
Tonights episode of Jay Leno was suffering from Ocean's Eleven Syndrome. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Orlando Bloom, and Beyonce were the guests.
by BDT November 24, 2004
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adj., depends on the user's opinion of the 1960s film Ocean's Eleven

When used by a younger person, it will usually be derisive. When used by an older person, it will be used with glee.

Classic has been a term thrown around for some things. 1960s Ocean's Eleven is a movie that has an hour worth of character development, and then the action gets started. It's classic because youngsters these days don't have the patience to sit through that sort of tedium.
"So I was watching the Ocean's Eleven made in the 1960s the other day..."
"How was it?"
"Too classic, it's not for me."

"Check out that NES Mario game, dawg!"
"Dude, that's 1960s Ocean's Eleven Classic!"
by Tonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy September 21, 2008
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