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When a task is so complicated and involved that it would take as much planning and management as 11 guys robbing a high security casino vault. Exemplified by the plot for the Oceans 11 movie.
Student A: Dang! I Didn't finish that major project on time! I gotta figure out a way to get maximum credit on it.

Student B: Good luck man. That sounds like an Oceans Eleven.
by Kamikazi Kaz February 08, 2009
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The practice of parties of three or more pedestrians walking abreast on the sidewalks or in the hotels of Las Vegas, like the publicity shots of the Rat Pack for the movie of the same name.
"I would have been here sooner, but there was a group of six in front of me that was Ocean's Eleven all the way from Caesars!"
by Bazzito52 October 11, 2016
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