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Observation. Usually used in relation to the feds watching/observing you as you are a suspect in a crime.
Person 1: Rah mans on obbo u kno. Feds have pulled me twice cah they think im slanging crack
Person 2: Trident are moving mad fam, the whole gang is on obbo still
by Cocaineorgohome July 28, 2018
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Person 1: "Hey, do you wanna come and stick your cock in my ass again?"
Person 2: "No fuck off, i dont want you going all Obbo on my ass!"
by Pharm October 21, 2004
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Half-cast obnoxious teenage youth with an obtuse attitude and gets angry very easily and is extremely violent
Whoa, Obbo, calm down, take a chill pill!
I can't see Obbo, it's too dark
by Jack October 18, 2004
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