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t's artsy fartsy and although filled with druggies, Oakwood is quite academic.

Compared to fancy private schools in the area, people judge it as the least

academic forward. This is quite untrue. Oakwood has some aweeessooome teachers

*cough* steve isoardi*cough* and many more. Ivan makes the music program rawkk.

It's probably pretty hard to get kicked out because of weed or drank. The kids

party non-stop. The girls are skinny. The guys, indie. So stop by and see some

art and buy some overpriced school food that comes with hair in it from the

people who work there and massage each others' backs!

p.s. the girls aren't as ugly as they used to be, we've got some younger grades

goin to bl00m!
"Hahaha l00k! He's lurking! LOL!"

"I go to Oakwood School and i smoke weed every day, but i got a perfect score on my SAT's!"

"I'm a math teacher and i'm going to hit on 8th graders!"
by babeepo June 10, 2009
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