Our God is a large rooster, who lots of people praise to. There are numerous hate groups against them, however, the Our God supporters ignore them and are generally a lot cooler than them. Such hate groups are "OUR GOD Haters" which fell apart after a day, "PEKINGESE" which is one guy with a hairy dog, and OMEN, who OUR GOD supporters captured.
Loser) Howdy, who are you?
Loser) Well, I hate OUR GOD!
Chad) Fuck you too!
by memer 69 March 12, 2021
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used in hebrew as the term 'fuck elokeyno' to describe a situation where someone realizes that an amazing event has occured
He: Hey, there is a UFO over there
Me: Fuck our god!!!
by MichaelB March 14, 2005
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A line from the fan freaking tasttic movie called Heathers, the character JD says this to his girlfriend Veronica Sawyer
Our love is god, let’s go get a slushee
by Heather_Chandler December 30, 2019
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What Jason Dean said to Veronica just before he murdered the guys who bullied her.
Veronica: Kurt and ram lied about me ;-;
JD: Our love is god
by Mrs. Cen October 1, 2018
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