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OPG is the abbreviation of the YouTube group Our Pizza Gang. Our Pizza Gang is an internet group featuring @WeeklyChris, @CrawfordCollins, @AlexErnst, @JustinEscalona, @MrTukie, @JakeFoushee, and @ZachLilley.
"When's the next OPG video coming out?"

"A new video comes out every day. Have you even watched one of their videos?"
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Outdoor Performance Gear. Loved my white people everywhere.
White Person #1:

Damn that's some sweet OPG your wearing. Where did you buy that?

White Person #2:

Thanks, I buy all my Patagucci at Any Mountain.
by Bunnybun August 05, 2009
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OPG is an abbreviation for Original Photography Gangster, also often referred to as Original Photography Gangsta.

An OPG refers to a note-worth or prominent figure in the photography world. Such characters may have invented a key photographic device or technology. However, most often OPG status is designated to established photographers that have been said to have greatly influenced future work in the field of photography.
- Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, Ansel Adams and Diane Arbus were total OPGs.
- What about Sherrie Levine?
- Eh, she's kind of like the Milli Vanilli of photography, I think you meant Walker Evans.
by July 08, 2009
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OPG Original Polish Gangsta.
Im the first one. An OPG is just like an OG but just from Poland.
>>Look at that OPG!
>>That OPG just slapped that hoe
>>That OPG rockin in his Nike Zoom Lebron II
by The OPG himself...Rafal December 18, 2004
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Other Peoples' Gak: any substance left in the air or on surfaces by another person. Usually a response to some bodily fluid left by someone else. Simple comment to acknowledge gross behavior/remains left by another person.
OPG makes me puke.
by Rolling_O March 16, 2018
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