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One of the Greats - an individual that possesses a distinguishing feature or has committed a defining act, either of which is deserving of accolades.

One cannot anoint themselves OOTG, it is an honour bestowed upon them by peers.
Scott: "Man, you were a bigger hit than the Beatles on Saturday night!"
Mark: "Of course - I'm OOTG and don't you forget it!"

David: "Wow, check out the nose on that broad!"
James: "OOTG rhinoplasty fuck ups."
by g00chy July 22, 2009
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A condition one suffers should they battle at unacceptable levels. Symptoms of battleitis include regularly attending venues dominated by the male sex, high susceptibility to basic scams, inability to stomach large volumes of alcohol and inability to navigate routine social situations.
Coyt: "Oath man, what the fuck is the go with Mort these days? He's a shadow of what he once was..."
Wally: "There can be no doubt that he's come down with a severe case of battleitis. It will affect one in four people at some stage of their life you know."
by g00chy July 22, 2009
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