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Uses the same play on all EA games over and over if it works once. Can never find his microphone because his trailer has more kids in it than a BK Lounge. Roots his Cricket phone so he can use the wifi to play games online on his PS3 without paying for cable. Only reason he puts on pants is so he can get his welfare check out of the mailbox. The song "Racks" was written about him because his furniture is made of stolen racks from his local ROSS store. Only thing he has actually purchased in the last 10 years is scuba gear which he uses to "Money Dive" in the wishing well near the church that gives him free food.
by MVPete1982 July 21, 2011
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Short for Out Of Breath Laughing
created on the message board
commonly used by rollerbladers in the Be-mag community
The kid fell on his face and I oobl'ed
by Matt Chong March 24, 2007
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person a : "Mr. Poopy Pants is a retard for starting this."
person b : "oobl"
by m.m.lunatic October 07, 2006
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