When you say something & someone does not believe and tries to instigate into your buisness and you say "ON CiTAS." MEANiNG ON MAMAZ
<GiRL>Im going to the bomb 21 down town san jose.

<bOY>Hell nah you aint them ticcets been sold out.

<GiRL>On citas nigga
by bAY bOOTY May 1, 2006
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Used in the Bay Area as a substitute for Mamaz or Mother. Often heard in the phrase "on citas" similar to "on mamaz" meaning "i swear" or "i promise". Used for reassurance. Also to refer to ones mother.

Believed to be derived from the word Mamacita.
"Ay cuzzo, i just got hooked up wit weezy tickets!!"

"stop playin!"

"im fareal, on citas"

Mistah FAB lyrics - New Oakland

"Put that on something I put that on fathers
I put that on something I put that on mammas
I put that on something I put that on grand-citas"

by Chitza December 30, 2009
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It is used in place of Mama.is the suffix of Mamacita.
I put that on Cita's.....I other words .....I put that on Mama.
by Ms. Khalid August 22, 2007
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Most likely to love the color red, biracial and be any ballin niggas favorite stay down momma cita..and surely to have no kids.

C certified
I individual

T that's
A aktive

Enjoys money and gets it buy any means neccesary
Married to a king
I didn't know cita's last name was king
I heard they call her cita

Gurl: what did the name say on his text girl?
Friend: her name is cita
Gurl: that cita must be a bad bitch...
by cita king November 24, 2010
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Cita is a short and Bougie way of sayinsee you later”.
Person one “ Ight I got to go. Cita
Person two “ cita.”
by Linda 188 March 14, 2021
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to swear on something like, your mother. to put everything on something. to vow to do it. to promise to do it. got your back.
citas: mamacitas
originated from bay area-pinole
you got my back if i fight?
yeah i put that on citas
by TeeTee25 September 27, 2005
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