"Oigh" is an abbreviation for "Oh aight" which is an abbreviation for "oh alright"
by Idkbish October 2, 2017
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Another variation of Oi !. May have several variations
in spelling, and or usage. Used when Suddenly feeling
British !.
Oigh, Last night I was milkin me weasel.
And the next thing you know, I had to look down,
Squirt, goes me weasel. (To the tune of pop goes the weasel)...
by SQUIRT DONKEY December 10, 2006
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A sudden cry or remark, expressing surprise, excitement, and joy.

Off the 19 tho! Oigh!

That girl badddd, OIGH!
Shout out Joighsh!
by Oigh April 26, 2021
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