Orignal. Was a word made up from BMX'ers/Skater slang from the early 80s.Today its known as "Orignal Gangsta" which was derived somehow to Ice Cubes silly lyrics just to make a buck because the initials matched lol.
Yo guy, those wheels on your bike are og dood.
by James January 28, 2005
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Original Gansta
Ol' Girl
Which means your mom.
Ice T is an OG

Ma OG keep calling me, damn, I think she found out I got an F on my exam.
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
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Mike Ogulnick, the man with the bushiest eyebrows in all of Chicago radio, now the radio host for the Texas Rangers. The mackest of the mack daddies.
OG is the very definition of a smarmy douchebag.

Most annoying of all, though, is the inexplicable narcissism that defines OG's broadcasts.

MJH were ripping OG because Jurko laid out $200 to buy breakfast for the ESPN staff and OG, upon spying the sumptuous spread, whined that "there's no butter for my bagels".
by Anusface aka Penisbreath November 12, 2009
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d.j.fuze from Nottingham(UK),he is an OG in the uk hip hop scene dating back to 1983.
by d.j.fuze November 12, 2006
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