Oh My Allah, what a muslim says. A variation of O.M.G., Oh My God.
Akmed screamed " O.M.A." as he suddenly found himself amid thousands of christians.
by jpg3 January 6, 2012
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Abbreviation for One man army.

O.M.A is a tagging group around the Bay of plenty area of newzealand
by SKUX GHEE October 9, 2017
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The writer and artist of The Rogue's Gallery and Author Space, two excellent web comics. he is now stationed at www.psyguy.com
The O.M.A. is hilarious!
by Darian December 24, 2003
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O.M.A stands for "Oh, my Athiest!" Like 'OMG' but for an Athiest to say.
Say "Oh, my Athiest" when someone says something rediculous, or crazy

-Person 1 - "O.M.A, I just got a dub sack from this stranger I met behind that building outside of Chicago next to my grandmas house.

-Person 2 - "Right on bro!"
by Azhale March 18, 2011
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