The act of placing bright orange Os on Police cars or vehicles of other significant importance. A point system is in place: e.g. Full size SUVs with the engine running and a fully uniformed officer inside counts as 100 points
We went Oing last night and Matt got 100 points for walking up to a suv police unit and 'slapped an O' with the engine running and a cop watching him
by Crazy Pigga October 10, 2004
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An action when a man drops his nut sack in a man's or women's mouth while that person is sleeping with their mouth open
Man: Hey, how did you sleep?
Man/Women: I slept good but my mouth has a salty taste.
Man: I know I Baller O'ed you!
Man/Women: Oh you shoundn't have (blushing)
by Bijou the dog August 29, 2012
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an abbreviation of the word pissed off. used when you are extremely mad at a person and feel like storming out the door quickly in a dramatic manner.
the slut did WHAT?! i can't believe it i am extremely P O'ed at her rigt now!
by squidoctapus November 21, 2009
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Being really messed up in so many illegal narcotics you literally are not in control of yourself, the drugs are.
Dude, I got so Steve-O'ed last night. . .my homeboys said I rubbed one off on a evening church and came all over Jesus
by UnthoughtofNAme July 6, 2010
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An O'Ful is a stupid ass person, he thinks he is funny but he is just cringe,he doesn't know how to read a book.
Homie1-Look man this person made a bad ass joke!
Homie2-Leave that man,he is an O'ful
by Funwithyourmum September 12, 2020
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