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Nylie is an amazing girl who had loads of talent. She is a very hard worker and never gives up on her self. She is a great friend who will listen to all your problems. She is a great listen and always knows how to make you happy when you are feeling down. She is a person who loves to help others. She is very shy when you first met her but when she gets comfortable with you and you become very close she is honestly the most ideal person to hang out with. When it comes to sports Nylie is a very active person. She loves sports and cant give them up even when shes hurt. The only bad thing about Nylie is that she gets hurt a lot. When I say a lot I mean a lot. Specifically she is prone to concussions. Most Nylies get many concussions through out there life time. They are also very clumsy but that what makes them funny. They are also very beautiful and overall they are the best person that you would ever want to be around. If you are lucky enough to met a Nylie and become close never let her go.
Guess what today I met this wonderful girl named Nylie. I never want to loose her.
by Xoxo_bae May 14, 2018
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A beautiful girl. She might think that she is never going to find a man but she will. The only bad thing about Nylies is that they get hurt a lot. Nylie can be a very shy person but when you get close they become the best overall person to be around. They make great friends and always know how to cheer you up. They have a great sense of humor and love to have a good time. They are very smart and are usually very good a tumbling. Usually there best friends name start with a L (Lauren). If you find a Nylie never let her go.
Wow, look there is Nylie she looks very nice today.
by Xoxo_bae May 10, 2018
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