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One of the more uncommon personality traits used in anime. The name is combined using "Nyan", the Japanese version of "meow", and "dere", a shortened version of "deredere" that means love-struck. Can be used to describe catgirls, furrys and cosplayers. There are a few common traits shared between nyanderes:

First is their physical appearance. Nyanderes are depicted usually as a girl with a sexy, slender figure and cat-like features like claws, ears and tail(s) (no males examples exist right now). Some can have cat-like pupils and can even have their bodies covered in fur instead of regular human skin. Whether these features are real or part of a costume is irrelevant.

Second is their personality. They're usually extremely playful, stubborn, impatient and fickle, in a comical way, but some can differentiate between cute, sweet, feisty or all of the above. They may also possess characteristics from felines, including a short attention span, claustrophobia, regular napping and aquaphobia.

Despite their fickleness, they're usually loyal to their friends if they're kind. In this case, they have a close relationship to said friend that ranges from average to uncomfortable if sexual topics such as bust size are mentioned. In romantic or master to pet situations, they simply just try their best and are usually sweet, but tend to stuff up somewhere down the track that causes embarrassment and tend to show how much they love that person frequently.
So, if I were to sum up the characters of the Nekopara visual novels, I'd just say that they're all nyanderes. I mean, you're the older brother of a girl who has around 5 catgirl friends who snuck in with all your packages when you moved out of the house.
by McAlastair September 13, 2016
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somewhat yandere like trait exclusive to catgirls where the crazy obsessed love struck catgirl insist on hunting and killing various pray items for the target of her obsession.

Wilder-beasts, Giraffes, T-Rexes, polar-bears cows or assorted cattle are likely pay items...

any attempt to convince the Nyandere character that these offerings are unwanted will simply be filtered out or taken as signs of hunger induced delirious prompting another hunting trip.

If the target of her obsession is vegetarian she will first attempt to convert or brain wash her target into right thinking.
Failing that she will find means to traverse the cosmos or alternative dimensions so she can find mobile predatory killer vegetables to hunt the more mutated and horrible and dangerous the better.
guy 1: i couldn't help noticing but eh.... what's up with the dead bear?
guy 2: "Nyandere" *buries his face in his hands slumped over*
*guy1 pats guy2 on the back*
catgirl: Hi honey i'm home! i brought munchies *carries a cartload of assorted animal corpses*
by ProphetOfConfusion October 15, 2018
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