When you piss a woman off so bad that she verbally rips your nutsack off and shoves it so far up your asshole that you choke on it.
Rebekah was so mad that she threatened the reverse shit-covered nutsack... I talked her down until next time...
by TallTin September 11, 2017
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when a guy doesn't shower for three days and his nuts get pickled in his own ball juices.
by Butzen Katzen November 9, 2010
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A term used to describe how it feels for someone who is micromanaging or nitpicking about minimal details. To nag someone.
I wish she would act her wage and stop telling me this and that about every little thing! She needs to stop tap dancing on my nutsack!
by srae March 2, 2019
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when one gropes their hand all over their sweaty fleshy moist scrotum and proceeds to bitch slap someone with that hand
he gave me a nutsack sanchez in my mouth
by mylittlepickle69 January 20, 2016
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