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Either walk your talk and prove your worth or toughness, or keep your pie hole shut and get the hell outta town.
Keep running your mouth...either rise to the occasion and let me thrash your ass when I grab that stack of dimes you call a neck, or refrain from further trash talk. Take your pick!!
by weave March 24, 2003
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either pull your dick out and ejaculate and go do you task or shut up
Frank: Dude i gonna ask out debbi

Ron: Dude, nut up or shut up
by lost shadow kid March 31, 2010
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It means that you either gotta whip your dick out, nut it up, and get your shit done, or stop talking, sit down, and keep quiet.
Person 1: My throat hurts really bad this morning, but I won’t complain. You know what they say, nut up or shut up.
by PastelPearlie November 11, 2017
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